HACCP-Oriented Sites
On-line HACCP & Food Safety Certificate Program.
Canada Food Safety Group online certification courses.
SGS. On-site training.
Guelph Food Technology Centre. Public and on-site training.
HACCP Training offered by Rutgers University
Canadian food inspection system HACCP information, Meat Inspection Regulations, Carcass Grading Regulations, Codes of Practice, Labeling, Accepted Construction and Packaging Materials and Non-Food Chemical Products.
Information on HACCP Training courses across the USA. and
USDA/FDA HACCP Training Programs and Resources Database.
The International HACCP Alliance was developed to provide a uniform program to assure safer meat and poultry products. It is housed whithin the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University.
General Information for HACCP implementation ; Guidance Documents; HACCP Implementation Updates; HACCP Hotline Q and A's; Quarterly Enforcement Report; Issue Papers; Additional Resources.

Bad Bug Book: Introduction Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins Handbook
Food Safety Research Information Office Database