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Hygiene, Sanitation, HACCP

Available from the American Meat Institute, 1700 N. Moore St., suite 1600, Arlington, VA 22209 / Phone:(703) 841-2400.
Principles and rules for meat safety. Employee hygiene practices for meat and poultry processors (15 min).
HACCP for the meat and poultry industry
Design modifications for improved cleaning and sanitation (18 min)
Performance based inspection system (22 min)
The HACCP Journals: A Reporter's Notebook (22 min)
Design Modifications for Improved Cleaning and Sanitation (18 min.)
Development of Sanitation Standard Operating Proc.
Foundations for Food Safety: HACCP Pre-requisite Programs and Standard Operating Procedures (15 min)
Standard Operating Procedures: Uncovering the Foundation of Food Safety (15 min)

Available from Silliker Laboratories Group inc., 900 Maple Road, Homewood, IL 60430, U.S.A., Tel: (708) 957-7878.
The Heart of HACCP. In-plant application of HACCP (21 min / 1995).
Smart sanitation (20 min / 1996)
Good Manufacturing Practices: Guidelines for Maintenance Personnel
Good Manufacturing Practices: Process Control Practices
Good Manufacturing Practices: Hygiene Guidelines for Food Plant Employees (20 min / 1997)

Available from the American Association of Meat Processors, One Meating Place, P.O. Box 269, Elizabethtown, PA 17022, USA, Tel: (717) 367-1168.
Control of Listeria in the Meat Plant & Sanitation Handbook (15 min).
Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures for Meat & Poultry Plants (25 min / 1996).

Available from the Pennsylvania State University, Continuing and Distance Education, 820 N. University Dr., Suite D, University Park, PA 16802-1003, Tel: (814) 865-6314, 863-3102.
Personal Hygiene and Practices in Food Manufacturing (20 min) / 1996.
Good Manufacturing Practices : Personal Hygiene and Practices in Food Manufacturing (14 min / 1993).
Good Manufacturing Practices : Sources and Control of Contamination during Processing (19 min / 1995).

Available from Tyson Foods Inc., Food Service Marketing, P.O. Box 2020, Springdale, AR 72765-2020, USA, Tel: (800) 424-4253.
You're Part of the Process - How to Handle Frozen Further processed Products (33 min) / 1990.

Available from the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, 14th St and Independence Ave., Room 1180, South Building, Washington, DC 20250, USA Tel: (202) 720-9113, (703) 841-2400.

New Technologies to Improve Food Safety (38 min) / 1996.
Performance Based Inspection System (22 min).

Available from the University of Guelph, Distance Education, Tel: (519) 767-5000.
Sanitation and Handling in Meat Plants (22 min).
Legislation Affecting Meat Plants (22 min).
Occupational Health and Safety in Meat Plants (11 min).

Available from the Utah State University, Tel: (801)797-3463.
Developing and Managing a HACCP System: A Guide for Small Operators Who Handle Meat (1996).

Available from Alberta Agriculture, Magic Lantern Communications, Tel : (905) 827-1155.
Food Safe - a sanitation program for food handlers (2 x 17 min each).

Available from the Guelph Food Technology Center, Tel: (519) 767-5036.
Microbiology in the Food Industry (11 min / 1989).

Available from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Tel: (819) 956-4802.
HACCP System (Also available in French / 18 min).

Available from the Vancouver Open Learning Agency, Tel: (800) 663-1653.
Food Safety Instructors Package for level 1 and 2.

Available from the University of Nebraska, Tel: (402) 472-1737.
Effective Implementation of Quality Control Programs for Pork Producers (70 min / 1994).

Available from Meat & Poultry, 4800 Main St. Suite 100, Kansas city, MO 64112-2513.
AAMP Basic HACCP Training Videos - 12 tapes